Problem solving skills!

The children in Year 5 have recently been getting hands-on in some of our maths lessons in order to dig deeper into our learning and to also develop problem solving skills. When learning about factors, the children used objects to create different arrays to help them understand the difference between factors and multiples. Most recently, the children have been developing their understanding of equivalent fractions by problem solving to create and accurate fraction wall. The children learnt lots and were fully engaged in their learning.

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Biography Research

The children in Year 5 have been working on writing a biography this week about our class novelist ‘Cressida Cowell’. In our reading lessons, we used our skills to research biographies and our person of interest. After writing their biographies, the children have published them using their knowledge of CUPS to edit their work. They have enjoyed learning about Cressida and one of the most interesting facts was that she was married to Simon Cowell (but not the famous one!)

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Space Buggies

In Year 5, we have made moving space buggies as part of our learning in DT. We created intricate designs, accurate wooden frames and working electrical circuits to produce our amazing prototypes.

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Space Theme

In Year 5, we have enjoyed combining our learning in ICT with space themed art work. We have created immersive pictures which include programmed flashing lights, sensors and motors.


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Inputs and Outputs

In Year 5, we have been creating algorithms using a program called Crumble. We have been learning about input and output. Inputs are the signals or data received by a system and outputs are the signals or data sent from it.

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Air Resistance

In Year 5, we have been investigating the effects of air resistance on our own spinners that we created. We went into the hall to drop the spinners to see how fast they fell.

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Game of Rugby

In Year 5, we are learning all about the game of rugby. We are lucky to have a Castleford Tigers’ coach in school to teach us the art of playing the game.

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Brazil Drama Workshop

In Year 5, we recently completed a drama workshop. We were learning all about Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. We used freeze frames to tell the story of deforestation.

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Brazil Project

In Year 5, children were asked to complete a project on Brazil. This was a project model of rural and urban Brazil linked to our display.

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Oxfam Fundraising

In Year 5, we were fundraising for Oxfam.  A representative came in to teach us about what Oxfam do to help those in poverty.

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