Air Resistance

In Year 5, we have been investigating the effects of air resistance on our own spinners that we created. We went into the hall to drop the spinners to see how fast they fell.

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Game of Rugby

In Year 5, we are learning all about the game of rugby. We are lucky to have a Castleford Tigers’ coach in school to teach us the art of playing the game.

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Brazil Drama Workshop

In Year 5, we recently completed a drama workshop. We were learning all about Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. We used freeze frames to tell the story of deforestation.

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Brazil Project

In Year 5, children were asked to complete a project on Brazil. This was a project model of rural and urban Brazil linked to our display.

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Oxfam Fundraising

In Year 5, we were fundraising for Oxfam.  A representative came in to teach us about what Oxfam do to help those in poverty.

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Ancient Greeks

In Year 5, we have recently visited Yorkshire Museum to learn about the Ancient Greeks. We completed a workshop where we had to weave, role play, build a temple and complete the long jump.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In Year 5, we have been learning about the sculptor Henry Moore. We then had to re-create some art like the artist Andy Goldsworthy.


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Theseus and the Minotaur

In Year 5, we are creating a dance all about a Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. We are using our bodies and movements to retell significant parts of the story.

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Year 5 Are Getting Into Shape!

We knew a cube was made up from 6 faces, but when we peeled it apart we discovered there was a whole number of nets that could be created.

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Earth and Space

As part of our Science topic ‘Earth and Space’, the children had a visit from a mobile planetarium.  The children were able to sit inside and watch videos projected onto the walls and ceiling of the planetarium. The children all loved seeing the journey into space and what all the planets look like from a different perspective.  Consequently, the children will use what they learnt in their upcoming work in Science.

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